Website Setup VIP Intensive A Website In A Day? Let's Do This!

Stop wasting time on tech and guesswork when your ideal client wants—heck, needs—the transformation you can deliver for them right now, especially when you know that they're ready to buy, if only you had a website that can sell'em on it.

Let's get you started with a professional WordPress website so you can connect with & sell to your ideal client without taking another course, watching ten videos on YouTube, or the long dragging process of a traditional web design project.

This is a new service for my business, so please excuse this messy page [but do enjoy the introductory discount! ;-)]

Here's What We'll Create

A Website That Sells

which is actually a combination of 3 things

A Website

Where you can showcase your brand, publish content to share your expertise, and connect with clients and potential clients on your turf

An Email List

So you can stay in touch with your site visitors, clients, and potential clients, help them, and share your current and future offers

A Booking System

because you need a way for clients to learn the details of your offers and conveniently book your services or discovery calls

And more specifically:
  • Responsive WordPress Website

    Responsive (mobile friendly) WordPress website of up to 4 pages with a ready-to-use blog built with Elementor or Divi.

  • Your Email List Connected to Your Site

    Connecting your site with your email marketing service (ConvertKit, and MailChimp supported). includes setting up a popup and welcome email through your email service provider. If you have a lead magnet file/link, lead magnet delivery can be included.

    If you don't have your email marketing service set up, we can get you going with ConverKit

  • Your Booking Tool Connected to Your Site

    Connecting your site with you booking tool (Calendly, Acuity, TidyCal, HoneyBook and Dubsudo supported)

    If you don't have your booking tool set up, we can get you going with Calendly.

  • Linking your site to your social media presence

all done in a compacted, streamlined process


Who is this service for?

The website setup VIP Intensive was designed for coaches, consultants, & service professionals intersected in building the first website for their business so they can grow their brand online. It is not a good fit for someone who wants to sell products and build an online store, for example.

It's meant for people who need a professional website that can grow as their business grows. It is not for someone who wants a tailored made, one-of-a-kind site with many bells and whistles.

If you're not sure if this is for you, schedule a discovery call and we'll find out.

How does the intensive work? Is it really just one day? When will I have my website?

Well, thanks for asking!

Since this is a new process for me, I made a little document explaining how it works, steps and all. Click here to download the summary slide. You can also below for a walkthrough of the process if clicking the image doesn'y work, click here to open the video in a new tab.

Do you only offer WordPress websites?

Yes, I only offer WordPress websites. You can choose between Elementor and Divi. And no, you don't need to know what these words mean. I will help you choose.

Can you set up something other than Calendly & Convertkit for me? And what if I already have something in place?

When starting out with email marketing, I recommend ConvertKit, but let me know in the discovery call if you'd rather use something else or if you're already using something else.

For booking, I offer Calendly because setting up a discovery call link via Calendly is free and simple. We can discuss connecting paid solutions like Acuity, TidyCal, HoneyBook or Dubsudo.

Wanna Get It Done? Book Me for a Day!

Hi, I'm Orit

I help coaches, consultants, experts, and service professionals grow their business by building their website and online presence to showcase their expertise, attract the right clients, and sell digital products and services.

By training I’m a software engineer and an MBA. I've worked in defense for over ten years before getting my MBA and starting my business. I also write. My happy place is in the intersection between tech, creative, and business, which is why I love working with business owners on their online presence.

To my clients, this means working with someone who can see the full picture and step in to help close gaps when needed. It means fewer blind spots and a more holistic and balanced strategy.

Feel like we should work together? Drop me a line.